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Descendants Lists/Nachkommenlisten


Prayer Book of Berta Müller (née Schwed). Courtesy: Müller Collection

Descendants List, or Nachkommenliste as it is known in German, can look pretty straightforward in its 2016 computer programmed representation. But behind each list lie precious documents such as the ones shown here, held and treasured in family archives for centuries.

For an historian, such a document is a treasure trove of valuable data. The Nachkommenlisten hints at decisions made and strategies implemented as family members engaged with the political, social, and economic change sweeping Germany in the late 1800s/early 1900s. As the Meier & Karoline (née Eisenfresser) Mayer Descendants List illustrates, the results were varied: some left Germany and Europe altogether; most, however remained in Germany: a few Friedmanns remained in Berkach but most moved to other, usually larger — but not too large — urban centres in Germany, including Themar. As well, the Descendants Lists reveals connections between families that were probably well known then but have faded or disappeared in the years since — for example, the connection between the Schwab family of Berkach, and the Ernst Gassenheimer and Moritz Sachs families of Themar!

The links below take you to Descendants Lists for the Jewish families of Themar but, since Themar only acquired a Jewish community in the mid 1860s, we have included Descendant Lists that take us back into the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. As well we include related families in surrounding towns and villages, such as Bauerbach, Berkach, Hildburghausen, Marisfeld, Walldorf/Werra, who interacted with family branches in Themar. Finally, the listing include the families of the religious Lehrer/Teachers, who were an important  part of the Jewish community for the period of the Lehrer’s appointment.

Please note:

  1. The outlines uses the word ‘murdered’ in the sense defined by the Yad Vashem database, namely, “During the Shoah, Jews were murdered in a variety of ways, among them gassing, shooting, burning, drowning or burial alive, exhaustion through forced labor, starvation, epidemic diseases, deprivation of medical care and minimal hygienic conditions, and more.”
  2. As always, these outlines are works in progress and we welcome any corrections/ amendments/ additions, etc.

The Bär/Baer Families
Emanuel Bär (1797-1883)
Samuel Bär (1793-1854)
Samuel (Hirsch) & Jette BÄR/BAER
 Nathan & Sara REIS
Jacob Schloss of Oberwaldbehrungen 
Hirsch & Fradel/Fanny STERN
 Lazarus & Marianne (née Gutmann) Stern

The Compart Family
Kalmann/Carl & Ida Compart

The Frank Family
The Family of Jacob Samuel & Fradel Frank

The Frankenberg/Wertheimer Families
1. Nathan & Regine (née Neuberger) Frankenberg
2. Löb & Jette (née Hermann) Frankenberg
3.  Jacob & Betti (née Kohler) Wertheimer
4. Mendel & Sarah (née Gutmann) Wertheimer
5. Moses & Minna Mühlfelder

The Friedmann Family
1.  Hugo & Eva (née Kahn) Friedmann
2.  Salomon & Johanna (née Friedmann) Friedmann
3.  Berman & Rachel/Rosa Kahn

The Gassenheimer Family:
1.Jetzig/Isaak & Amalie/Malia Gassenheimer
2.Samuel & Charlotte (née Stein) Gassenheimer
3.Bernhardt & Ella (née Holland) Gassenheimer
4.Salomon & Babette Gassenheimer
5. Samuel & Karoline (née Seckel) Gassenheimer
6. Samuel & Pauline (née Schwab) Gassenheimer
7. Gustave & Minnie Gassenheimer

The Grünbaum Families
1. Hirsch & Golde (née Kohn) Grünbaum
1.  Löser & Johanna (née Bergmann) Grünbaum
2.  Jacoby & Bertha (née Grünbaum) Seckel
3.  Noah Grünbaum
4. Abraham & Veilchen (née Lang) Schlesinger
5. Abraham & Fanni (née Fuchs) Schlesinger
6. Heinrich & Ida (née Schmalbach) Schloss

The Hofmann Family
Moses Löw & Margem (née Simson) Hofmann

The Kahn/Rosenberg & Haas Families
Abraham & Terza (née Wolf) Kahn 
Josef & Hulda (née Walther) Kahn

The Katz Family
1. The Family of Abraham & Paule KATZ
2. Adolf/Abraham & Meta Katz 
3. Ludwig & (1) Hannchen & (2) Esther Katz

The Mayer/Levinstein & Wolf Families:
Meier & Karoline (née Eisenfresser) Mayer
Isaak & Roeschen (née Lange) LEVINSTEIN

The Müller/Sachs Families
1. Salomon & Karoline Müller
2. Hermann & Babette Schwed
3. Bertha Nussbaum (née Stern)
4. Leopold & Therese Steindler
Simon & Marianne Sachs
Gabriel & Bertha Betty Schloss

The Schwab/Rosengarten Family
1. Mayer & Riecke Schwab 

The Walther Family
The Family of Abraham Walther

Other Descendants Lists connected to the story of Themar:
The Family of Lothar Guthmann

The Ledermann family of Bauerbach
Leopold & Adelheid Ludwig