The Gabriel & Betty (née Schloss) SCHLOSS Family

Gabriel.Betty Schloss

Marisfeld Jewish Community Family Register

Of the members of the family Gabriel and Bertha Schloss, two were murdered in the Holocaust, Hedwig Sachs and her daughter Berta. In March 2011, Stolpersteine were laid in Schönebeck (the present name for Gross Salsa) for the two women.

On 29 August 2018, Stolpersteine were laid in Themar for Helene Sachs, née Rindsberg, and her son, Felix Sachs, for whom Themar had played a significant role in their lives. Both were able to flee Germany in 1939 and settle in the United States.

Family Collections
Jüdische Gemeinde Marisfeld (Kr. Hildburghausen) Matrikel, 1768-1936, Koblenz: 1958