The Letters of Dr. Ernst Ledermann

Between late November 1938 and the middle of January 1939, Dr. Ernst Ledermann, wrote letters to the Gestapo on behalf of the Jewish men of Themar arguing for their release from Buchenwald. In one, written on behalf of Adolf Kahn, born in Themar in 1902. Ledermann cites the distinguished service that the Kahn family displayed in WWI (two of Adolf’s brothers — Friedrich Daniel and Leonhard — were killed in the war and a third, Albert, died in military service ). He also states that telegrams confirm that emigration documents for Kahn are underway, and he emphasizes that, as a master butcher, Kahn has the skills to earn a livelihood and establish a new life elsewhere

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It is possible that he wrote on behalf of those imprisoned from Gotha and Arnstadt, his birth place, as well. Dr. Ernst Ledermann came from a family with deep roots in Thüringen in the northern part of the state. The outline of his family is available here.

Im Mai 2011 hat Peter Lederman Themar besucht. Unten ist ein Bericht von Glaube und Heimat: glaube und heimat