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November 2015

Invitation001On the first weekend of November 2015, twenty members of the former Jewish families of Themar came to the small city. The occasion was the laying of eleven Stolpersteine for two families: the Samuel & Jette  Baer family at Markt 8 in the city center and the Max and Clara Müller family at Meiningerstrasse 17, at the north end of the city, outside the wall. The Stolpersteine were laid on 9 November, the 77th anniversary of “Kristallnacht.”  As well, the families visited the villages from which their ancestors had come to Themar — Marisfeld, Sondheim vor der Rhön and Oberwaldbehrungen — and Hildburghausen where branches of both families had settled.

The links below take you to further detail:
Carole Karlsruher, “The Bär/Plaut Family at Markt 8,” 9 November 2015
Richard Stern, “Remarks,” 9 November 2015
Achim Hess, “Jewish Life in Themar,” (15 min)
Wolfgang Szwietek, “Stolpersteine keep the memories alive,” Freies Wort, 10 November 2015
Steffen Standke,