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Where the Jewish families lived in Themar c. 1938



Site 1: Markt 8/The Family of Samuel & Jette Baer

Site 2 Bahnhofstrasse 4/The Family of Josef & Hulda Kahn

Site 3 Bahnhofstrasse 1-5/The Family of Max Müller I

Site 4 Bahnhofstrasse 7/The Family of Paul & Berta Rosengarten

Site 5 Bahnhofstrasse 21-36/The Family of Hugo & Klara Grünbaum, and Meta Krakauer

Site 6 Bahnhofstrasse 33/The Family of Babette Schloss

Site 7 Meininger Strasse 5/The Family of Leopold & Pauline Müller

Site 8 Meininger Strasse 17/The Family of Max Müller II

Site 9 Markt 2/The Walther Family

Site 10 Marktplatz/Schumarkt

Site 11 Romhilder Strasse 11/Die Familie Bachmann

Site 12 Die Werra and Kirchplatz/Die Familien Frankenberg

Site 13 Ernst-Thälmann-Strasse 17/Die Synagoge — Familien Friedmann u. Levinstein (und andere Lehrer ab 1877.)

Site 14 Georg-Kempt-Strasse 12/Die Familie Sachs

Site 15 Leninstrasse 20/Die Familie Frankenberg

Site 16 Schulstrasse 9/Die Familien Mayer u. Wolf 

Site 17 Schulstrasse 16/Die Familien Schwab u. Rosengarten

Site 18 Schulstrasse 3/Die Familien Rosenberg

Site 19 Georgstrasse 7/Die Schule

Site 20 Georgstrasse 3/Die Familie Schloss (Samuel u. Philippina)

Site 21 Schulstrasse 1/Die Familie Haaß

Site 22 Friedenstrasse 9/Die Familie Gassenheimer

Site 23 Marktplatz/Familie Seckel (?)