Stolpersteine for Wertheimer family in Coburg

Gaby Schuller – in the window the article in the Neue Presse in hand her brochure. Photo: Stefan Marr

On Monday, March 9, at a ceremony at 2 p.m. in front of the house Steinweg 53 in the city of Coburg, Stolpersteine will be laid for Julius Wertheimer, born in Themar, and his family – wife Käthe (née Meinstein) and sons Heinz and Alfred. Below is the newspaper article that told how Mrs. Gaby Schuller discovered the family history from the Wertheimer family.

“We must learn from the past,” Neue Presse Coburg.
Gaby Schuller follows the traces of murdered and expelled Coburg Jews. Among them was the Wertheimer family, in whose honor “Stolpersteine” will be laid in Steinweg on Monday.
by Dieter Ungelenk
Coburg – For a long time, they had not wanted to acknowledge the extent of the danger. Although the National Socialists had already mistreated Julius Wertheimer, the family father, in “protective custody” in 1933. He was released, but it was not until three years later that he was persuaded by his wife Käthe to make a life-saving escape: in 1936, together with their sons Alfred and Heinz, they left their home and butcher shop in Coburg’s Steinweg, left their belongings behind and emigrated to the USA. Julius’ sisters-in-law Rosa and Bella remained in Germany and fell victim to the persecution of the Jews. In 2014, Alfred Wertheimer visited their gravesite at the Jewish Cemetery and the house where he had spent his childhood. In the town hall he signed the Golden Book of the city of Coburg, in the registration office he received his birth certificate – at the age of 84. It was his first visit to his native town since his emigration – and his last: two months later, Alfred Wertheimer, who had become internationally known as an Elvis photographer, died in New York. […. more below]

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