Descendants List: Kalmann/Carl u. Ida (née Sander) COMPART

Although the Compart family is more a family of Schleusingen and Berlin than it is of Themar, we know that the family lived in Themar for three to four years in the late 1870s and early 1880s. Many family members then moved to Berlin.

We were able to reassemble the outline of the family from 1866 to 1988 from various sources: First is the outline above in the entry in the Matrikel/Register of the Jewish family of Carl and Ida Compart, and eight children. Dr. Kerstin Möhring’s research on the Jewish families of Schleusingen provided data of the birth of family members in Schleusingen between 1866 and 1877. A few records in the City of Themar Archives about Alfred Compart, b. 1881 in Themar, as well as records from other sources, particularly Berlin archives, added pieces to the puzzle.

Contact with family members in 2021 has given us new insight into many of the family members.

Should you have information or questions and/or comments about the family, please contact Sharon Meen @ [email protected]

  • (Kalmann) Carl COMPART, b. 06 May 1837, d. 1905
  • ∞ (26 Dec 1865) Ida SANDER, b. 13 May 1842 Gross Rhuden/Lower Saxony, d. 30 Sep 1915 Berlin
  •     1. Louis COMPART, b. 19 Dec 1866 Schleusingen, deported 21 September 1942 to Theresienstadt, murdered May 1943 Theresienstadt Ghetto
  •      ∞ (02 May 1912 Berlin) Olga ROHR, b. 18 Aug 1882 Bernau bei Berlin, deported Auschwitz 16 May 1944
  •           2. Friedrich Karl (Fritz) COMPART, b. 17 Dec 1914 Berlin, d. 26 Oct 1942 Berlin (suicide)
  •           ∞ Ruth STADTHAGEN, b. 12 Jun 1916 Berlin, d. 26 Oct 1942 Berlin (suicide)
  •                3. Uri COMPART, b. 26 Dec 1941 Berlin, deported 06 Oct 1944 Theresienstadt/Auschwitz
    • 2. Ellen COMPART, b. 03 May 1920 Berlin, 21 Jan 1948 to USA,  d. 18 Jun 1988 Palm Beach/FL
  •      1. Hulda COMPART, b. 26 Oct 1868 Schleusingen, d. 12 Aug 1874 Schleusingen
  •      1. Anna COMPART, b. 16 Sep 1871 Schleusingen, to Berlin, murdered (Euthanasia) 1940 Kaiser Wilhelm Institut at Berlin-Buch
  •      1. Jenny/Jennie COMPART, b. 01 Jul 1873 Schleusingen, d. 19 May 1939 San Francisco,
  •      ∞ (1) (07 Apr 1898 Tacoma/WA) Edward LIEBMAN, d. bef 19211 Jennie Liebman is identified as a widow in the record of her marriage to Louis Compart; see California, U.S., Marriage Records from Select Counties, 1850-1941 [database on-line)
  •      ∞ (2) (29 Mar 1921 Alameda/CA) Louis COMPART, b. 1866 Germany, d. 1936 Colma/CA2 Jennie Liebman is identified as a widow of Levy [Louis] Compart in notice of her death; see San Francisco Examiner, 20 May 1939 [database on-line]  
  •      1. NN COMPART,  b. 02 Feb 1875 Schleusingen, d. 02 Feb 1875 Schleusingen
  •      1. Selma Sophie COMPART, b. 02 Jan 1877 Schleusingen, d. 02 Apr 1942 Berlin (suicide)
  •      ∞ (15 Jan 1909 Berlin) Löser/Louis COMPART, b. 13 Apr 1858 Rüdigershagen, d. 15 Jan 1938 Berlin
  •      1. NN (M) COMPART, b. 15 Feb 1879 Themar, d. 05 Feb 1885
  •      1. Alfred COMPART, b. 13 Oct 1881 Themar, murdered 28 May 1942 Sachsenhausen KZ
  •      ∞ (08 Sep 1910 Berlin) Fanny/Fanni ROTHMANN, b. 02 Dec 1883 Kietzko/Posen, deported 19 Jun 1942 Theresienstadt Ghetto/04 Oct 1944 Auschwitz, murdered
      • 2. NN COMPART, b. 06 Sep 1911 Berlin, d. 06 Sep 1911 Berlin (Stillborn)
      • 2. Kurt Carl COMPART, b. 20 May 1914 Berlin, murdered 23 Feb 1944 Dachau KZ
      • 2. Paul Heinz COMPART, b. Jun 1918, d. 02 Jun 1919 Berlin
      • 2. Paula COMPART, b. 20 Dec 1924 Berlin, deported and incarcerated in Theresienstadt Ghetto, Flossenberg KZ, and other Holocaust sites, survived

Source: Ed van RijswijkWWII in the Netherlands: The Stiebel family:
“That I first saw the name of Asterdorp was when I read a record, which is part of the archives of the Hausraterfassungsstelle, which was a department of the Zentralstelle für Jüdische Auswanderung in Amsterdam. In the piece it says that the family of Nathan Norbert Stiebel, “Evakuieren am June 23 nach Asterdorp“. The record in question is an inventory of the contents of their property at the Achillesstraat 43, Amsterdam, written on 15-06-1942, by Mrs. Ingenbleek and Gros of the Hausraterfassungsstelle. The confiscated furniture was intended for members and relatives of the NSDAP and related organizations, but later, much of the confiscated furniture went to German families who were victims of the many bombings by the allies. Many of the stolen furniture disappeared to the employees and relatives of the HES.

Police-report about Nathan Stiebel concerning his arrest

“On 23-05-1933, the family of Nathan Norbert Stiebel were registered in the population registry of the city of Amsterdam. They came from BerlinNathan is registered as a merchant and his wife, Lieselotte Compartas a fur workerThey were married on 16-12-1931 in Berlin and have 2 children; Werner Leopold (born 01-05-1934 in Amsterdam) and Ruth Ida (born 11-01-1938 in Amsterdam). After a number of addresses in Amsterdam, they lived from 30-06-1936 on at the address 43 Achilles Street in Amsterdam.
On 15-06-1942, a list is made up ​​of the contents of the house of the family on the Stiebel Achillesstraat 43 home by 2 men of the HESTopping the list it says that the family will be 
‘evacuated’ on June 23 to AsterdorpAccording to the archive card of Nathan in the City Archives this eventually happened on 07-08-1942On that date the family moved to the Edelweisstraat 126 in Asterdorp.
On 20-08-1942at 08:20 pm, Nathan is arrested by the SD because he had no Star of David on his jacket while walking on the street. He is put in a cell at the police station and is available from the Office of Jewish Affairs. On Friday, 21-08-1942at 09:00 he is taken for interrogation to the Office Jewish Affairs. At 09:35 hours, Nathan returned to the police headquarters to be in custody, again to be sent to the 11th Bureau, also called Office Jewish Affairs. At 16:30 pm, Nathan along with 7 others was transferred to the SD.
Shortly after, the whole family was deported. Via Westerbork to Auschwitz where Lieselotte and the two children are killed on 01-10-1942Nathan was killed on 31-01-1943.

Sources are cited in profiles for the Compart family on the database.
Arolsen Archives
Jüdische Gemeinde Marisfeld (Kr. Hildburghausen). Matrikel 1768-1938, Koblenz: Bundesarchiv 1958.
Jüdische Gemeinde Themar (Kr. Hildburghausen). Matrikel 1820-1938, Koblenz: Bundesarchiv 1958.