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Albert Kahn, 1887-1909

What We Know:
Birth Name:
First Name
: Albert
Date/Place of Birth
: 22 August 1887/Themar, Thüringen
Date of Death
: 25 December 1909/[Meiningen]
Age at Death
: 22

We know very little about Albert Kahn and will probably never know much more. He was the eldest child of Josef and Hulda Kahn, born in Themar in 1887. He grew up in the house at Bahnhofstrasse 4. He would have received his instruction in Judaism from Lehrer Hugo Friedmann, and did military service in the latter part of the 1900s.

A cluster of postcards tells us that Albert courted a young woman in Themar for about 18 months, between early 1905 and late 1906. The young woman was Grete Kühnhold, the grandmother of Gretel Stubenrauch, who has kept her grandmother’s Postkartenalbum safe through all the years.



As it turned out, another young man entered Grete Kühnhold’s life at about the same time and it was he who won her heart in marriage.

Click on the image below to see all the postcards sent by Albert to Grete.

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Sadly, Albert’s life was cut short while he was in the army, whether by illness or accident, we do not know. The family placed a notice in the local Themar newspaper, Zeitung für Themar, thanking their fellow Themarens for the outpouring of condolences they have receivedAlbert Kahn 1909