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1938 Letter/Postcard 1

Clara Müller and her Mother, Bertha Nussbaum (née Stern) Themer, to Willi Müller, Palestine, November 1938, after “Kristallnacht” which took place 9/10 Nov. ‘38

My dear Willi! I have not heard from you again since your lovely long letter. But, because you are often in my thoughts I decided to write you today. I’m sure by now you know of Meinhold’s trip to Sweden. He sent me a beautifully bound leather book…Willi, please don’t worry too much about Papa and Herbert…They are in fine fettle. Maxel [Max Müller I, born 1873 in Themar] has been released [from Buchenwald concentration camp] and has let us know they are well. We have been looking into the status of our Visa application to the US…Dearest Willi, you have been so fortunate and God has protected you so that you were able to leave at just the right moment. Your cousin Max [Nussbaum, b. 1910, son of Clara’s brother Sally] wrote a really nice and amusing letter from the US. Aunt Bertha [Nussbaum, née Oppenheim, Max’s mother] has had her operation and is in hospital in Frankfurt [am Main].  Selma from Frankfurt and her family have gone to England…All the women (relatives) from Rotenburg (an der Fulda) are all now living in Bertha’s house in Hersfeld. Uncle Louis (Goldmeier, in Fulda, husband of Karolina Goldmeier, née Müller, Max’s sister) and Uncle Sebald (Müller, Max’s brother in Nürnberg) remain at home…Willi…please write with news…have you been given a job? How are you faring in general? Did you receive the watch? Norbert Sander (b. 1921) and Erich Rosengarten (b. 1922) are with Papa [in Buchenwald]. Warmest regards and much love, Mama

Dear Willi, a few lines from me as well. I hope you are healthy and become accustomed to your new surroundings. We are quite isolated and lonely. It is just your Mother and myself so things have not exactly been particularly exciting. How is the weather where you are? Is it warm or cold? Did you come across the Oppenheims from Hersfeld? [the family of Siegfried and Berta Oppenheim, who with their son Manfred, immigrated into Palestine in the mid-1930s] Stay healthy and write as often as you can. Warm regards, your loving Oma