Achim Heß, “Local History – Jewish Life in Themar”., November 11, 2015 “On November 9, 2015, Themar commemorated its former Jewish fellow citizens. The action artist Gunter Deming continued to lay Stolpersteine to remember the crimes against the Jewish population. Present from Canada was Dr. Sharon Meen, who has been studying the fates of Themar’s former Jewish population for years. Also Dr. Blanca … Read more

May 2013 – Film premiere in Themar

“My mother used to talk about a small sleepy town. My grandfather’s family lived in this townand here he had success. Then it became reality: everything was taken away and they lost everything.” – Karen Sachs Knauf, daughter of Hilde Sachs, born 1910 in Themar and granddaughter of Moritz Sachs  As in all other German towns … Read more

How did a box of letters become a website?

Five years ago, I was asked by the Vancouver Holocaust Education Center to read a series of letters in German and summarize them in English. These letters were given to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Center Archives by Andrew Rosengarten, the son of Manfred Rosengarten, the author of the letters. What made the collection of letters … Read more

How we found Julius Kahn

See also Julius Kahn 1896-1965. On September 6, 2010, it was 70 years since the HMT Dunera had called at the port of Sydney in Australia. The ship had on board at that time about 2,000 Jewish refugees who had fled the Nazi regime in Germany and Austria. There were also about 500 German and … Read more

How we learn the story… Dankward Sidow about his work

Between December 1938 and May 1942, Clara and Max Müller wrote regularly to their two sons who had already emigrated, to Meinhold in Sweden and Willi in Palestine. Only the oldest of the three sons, Herbert, was initially still with his parents in Themar, before he was able to escape persecution with his Flora in … Read more

The decision, Sept 1941, to ship the German Jews to the ‘East’.

In the late summer of 1941 – 70 years ago – there were about 145 relatives of members of the Themar Jewish community (parents, spouses and children) still living in Germany or somewhere in occupied Europe (Holland and France). After that, from September 1941, the Nazis gave free rein to their hatred against the German … Read more

The Jewish families in Themar – who were they?

This list – drawn by age, handwritten in pencil, annotated – is one of the most important documents about the Jewish community in Themar. On September 3, 1962 – more than 50 years ago – Oskar Stapf, the town archivist of Themar, drew up this list of Jewish families who lived in Themar after 1900. … Read more

“You are always welcome!”

In the evening of April 29th, 2011, 41 visitors gathered in the Official House and Mayor Hubert Böse, with the help in translation of Sabine Müller, greeted them with these words: “Dear guests, I greet you all and would like to welcome you to our town. To you, who accepted our invitation and are present here … Read more