Else Rosenberg (née Kahn), 1888-1944

What we Know:
Birth Name:
First Name
: Else
Date/Place of Birth
: 12 December 1888/Themar, Thüringen
Date/Place of Deportation: 20 September 1942/Themar, Weimar, Leipzig
Deportation Destination: Theresienstadt Ghetto
Further Deportation:
18 May 1944/Auschwitz
Date/Place of Death:
unknown/probably Auschwitz
Age at Death:
56 years.

The Traces
There are few traces of Else Kahn Rosenberg to be found. This one is the letter written in December 1938 to comply with the law of 17 August 1938 to add ‘Sara’ and ‘Israel’ to their Jews had to register the name change with the place of birth and marriage.

M. & E. Rosenberg to Themar City Hall, 27 Dec. 1938. They married in Themar on June 10, 1910 and thus had to register the addition of ‘Israel’ and ‘Sara’ to their names. Source: Themar City Archives.

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