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1939 Letter/Postcard 4

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Max Müller, Herbert and Clara Müller, all in Themar, writing to Willi Müller in Palestine on January the 29th 1939

Dear Willi, We just finished our Sunday Dumplings…something I unfortunately am unable to add to this note…I can however share with you that they were delicious. Probably not the kind of food you can expect (where you are) (predominantly) Oranges, which are admittedly similar in shape. That is something we have here as well and on occasion we get a few for Oma who always pulls a bit a face when eating them due to the sour taste ! We received Post today from Meinhold [in Sweden], as well as a letter from my cousin Herbert Sweed [in California] who informed us that he sent the affidavits to the American Consulate in Berlin on the 31st of (December) Have you heard of this show “Das Grosse Wecken” from Radio Stuttgart? It’s now been renamed “Judenfeindlichkeiten” In our house I am now a regular “Girl Friday”, acting as maid, cleaner and handling various other domestic tasks and am starting to get the hang of things. Herbert was notified by the “Jewish Aid Company” in London that Flora’s Uncle in the US has provided the funds for his stay in the Jewish Transition Camp in England. A cousin of Flora’s has written to us. A wealthy and successful dentist he was forced to give up his surgery per decree and has now qualified as a technician producing orthopedic insoles. He has offered Herbert his apartment as well as the opportunity to learn/acquire this tradecraft as well. Herbert is considering this as it still could take months before he is able to relocate to England. Don’t send the good watch in for repair just yet. It has to adjust to the change in weather/climate and only then should you have it fixed.Take good care of it. Be careful with whatever funds you have (left)…You might need it, even if its years from now. No need to spend anything on postage as “X” is providing this. Meinhold and I always exchange letters with riddles with numbers…often referencing local sights…it’s been rather fun…today he sent

Heimatergebnissen, oft sehr ulkig. Heute sandte er ein Zahlenrätsel -Er schrieb, d.

Anfangsbuchstaben ergeben einen Berg mit schöner Aussicht unweit Themars. Die Auflösung war „Bräuhinkel.“Nun weiß ich nichts mehr xxx Es grüßt Dein Vater Max Israel Müller

Lieber Bill! L. Flora. Großmutter hat gestern Ihren [sic] 92. Geburtstag gefeiert. Ich will wenn´s klappt, bald nach Köln, wenn ich dort was richtiges lernen kann, hoffe ich schneller zu einer Existenz zu kommen. In USA tun sie viel um mich bald dorthin zu bringen, aber wir bekommen eine beträchtliche Übung im Warten. Sebalds will nach Peru, hoffentlich klappt´s, nach & nach können wir dann unsere Markensammlungen vervollkommnen.

Sternschnick & Robert Sachs sind nach England & Moritz Sachs geht nach Schanghai. Es grüßt Dich herzlich

Dein Herbert

Lieber Willi.

Es bleibt mir nicht mehr viel Raum zum schreiben, aber meine Grüße sollen nicht fehlen. Der Walter ist noch hier, bei allen, die fort wollen, geht es nicht so schnell. Meinhold

schreibt g.s.D. [Gott sei Dank] zufrieden. Grünbaums meinten nämlich, Hans sollte sie

anfordern, sie wollen auch nach Erez, auch Bachmann hat Spaß daran. Der Naumann ist auch noch nicht fort, auch der Lothar nicht. Hier gibt es gar kein Obst. Die Frau Steffen hat sich wieder verlobt mit dem Firla Ein andermal mehr. für heute herzl. Grüße von l. Oma u. Deiner Dichl Mama­­


A riddle with numbers…as follows “the first letter are the name of mountain with a beautiful view, very close to Themar” The answer was “Bräuhinkel” Thats all from me now xxx With loving regards, your father Max Israel Müller

Dear Bill, Flora’s grandmother celebrated her 92nd Birthday yesterday. If it all works out i’ll be heading to Cologne soon in the hope of learning a trade and making a life for myself. They’re doing whatever they can is the States to get me over there as soon as possible but our patience is really being tested. Sebalds want to head to Peru…let’s hope it works out…by the looks of it our stamp collection will soon be complete.

Sternschnick [Theo Steinschneider, a nephew of Hugo Grünbaum, from Hannover. He went to Palestine] and Robert Sach have emigrated to England…Moritz Sachs is heading to Shanghai…Sending you the warmest regards, Herbert

Dear Willi,

Not much space left for me to add a few lines but I wanted to make sure to say hello. Walter still is here, and unfortunately things are not moving at fast pace for all those wanting to leave. Meinhold (Thank God!) seems/is happy. The Grünbaums [Hugo and Else] mentioned Hans should ask for them as they also want to go to Erez…[Max] Bachman seems to be having a great time. Nauman still has not (been able) to leave yet, neither has Lothar. There is no fruit…Mrs Steffen is engaged yet again…with [Firla?] More to follow…Much love, from Oma as well, Mama

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