Irma Rosenberg, 1911-1990

Birth Name: Rosenberg
First Name
: Irma
Date/Place of Birth
: 1911/Themar, Thüringen
Place/Date of Death
: May 1990, Hendon/England.

After growing up and attending school in Themar, Irma left the city to seek work in other places. For example, one record tells us that she worked in Würzburg and lived at Taubenstrasse 3. At the time of her emigration for England, she was in Stuttgart.

Irma Rosenberg

Quelle: Stadtarchiv Themar

Like her sister, Elly, Irma returned to Themar around the time of Kristallnacht, November-December 1938; she too submitted the statement to register the addition of “Sara” to her name in Themar on 1 December 1938. Initially she tried to register the addition of “Sara” to her name by phone but was told that it had to be done in writing.

When exactly Irma applied for papers to allow her to leave Germany is unknown but she must have been in England before the war began. On papers documenting her uncle’s (Julius Kahn) internment in Australia in 1940, Irma Rosenberg is listed as his contact person. Her address is given as Sedge Fen, Suffolk, northeast of Cambridge.

Irma lived in England until her death in 1990. She kept in close contact with her sister in the United States and with her niece, Lotte Schaefer, née Rosenberg, the daughter of her brother Julius.